It’s Friday!

Anyone here glad that it’s Friday? I know I am! BUT..I’m on a 4 day extreme work and minimal sleep account. So let me fill you in.

A few months ago, I picked up another part time job in the EARLY mornings and a few hours on a Sunday during the week. Not many hours but enough to give me a few extra dollars! Who doesn’t like some extra cash right? But then Coaching started. Those are late nights, the latest I get home is 11pm! I know! Awful! I feel bad for my swimmers who then may still have homework to do and then get up the next day (some for early morning practice with their club team) and go to school!

So for example, yesterday I was up at 4am, went to my part time job. Then went to my full time job, THEN…went home, changed and went to the swim pasta party (First meet is tonight! Woohoo!!) but oh wait there’s more! I had practice until 10:30pm! So I got home just before 11pm to go to wind down and go to sleep to wake up at 4am this morning.

I was able to wake up and get to my job on time, and boy was that a crazy place. I’m now at my full time job. I have to go pick up race packets after work, then head home, change and head to the school to meet with the team before our first meet at 9pm. Yeah late again. Such is the life. Then we head to Ihop after the meet. SO it’s going to be a LATE night and I work tomorrow instead of Sunday.

Whew. Does that make anyone else tired just reading it?!

I hope you all had a great week. I can’t wait to get the season started tonight on the pool deck. 16 years and counting as a coach. 🙂

Now…where did I put my Coffee.

Do you ever…

Do you ever feel that everything is just imploding and nothing seems to be going the way you want. GAH. Let me get you caught up….

The end of July was our yearly family vacation to the most gorgeous place on earth. No, not Disney, that’s the happiest place on earth. 🙂 My mom, sister and I make the trek to Cape Cod every year and have since I was young so it’s like going home almost. So we started out way. My mom and I drove up…we started at 3am and did fine until we needed to get onto the Cape. And if any of you know, that can be a nightmare. This time it was a nightmare. But we had several funny moments happen while we were trying to make our way. I mean, have you ever seen a cars hood pop up while someone was driving and they kept driving the vehicle…no?…me either until this trip. HAHA.

My sister was flying in and so she got there later. We had a good time and the next morning started out on our long runs that we had to get done. Mine was 9 miles and hers was 14. She was nice though and hung with me for the first 4 miles and then she took off…literally took off. She’s so much faster than me and so I more like jog and walk when I can, ok more like want. But we couldn’t go out on our long run and not take a selfie at the beach. So we finished our run and then we walked around town, did some shopping and then just relaxed the rest of the day.

I flew home early so I could go back to work. (Anyone else feel like work gets in the way of all the fun? No, just me.  Ok. :)) It was nice to have a few days and just relax and read all day if you want, or take naps. Naps are my favorite.

So I get home and start to get back into a routine before I start house sitting/dog sitting. I love that I’m able to do this so that others can have peace on their vacation. Or somewhat peace with some accidents. Meanwhile we found out that my grandmother had passed. She lived a full life of 97 years and still in her own home. So we’ve been planning her service and coordinating travel with everyone and who is staying where and when are they getting in. Things like that. Sounds like fun right?

So needless to say, I’ve had a few things going on lately. Just a few. I missed my 10 mile run this past weekend. My foot was feeling funky and I needed to get it feeling ok so I didn’t derail my training for the marathon. I’ll get back on track this week and should be good to go. My long runs are definitely getting longer and the feeling of training for a marathon is becoming more real.

I’ll leave you with this quote that I found since life seems to be in a constant state of change here lately.

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”