#streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS – June 2016

If you’ve never heard of PinkCupcakeGirl she is defiantly one cool lady! She’s always posting inspiring things on instagram. Definitely check her IG out when you get a chance. Well she’s hosted some of these challenges before and I ALWAYS wanted to complete one but NEVER did. I had so many excuses that would pop in my head. So I never finished one of these awesome streaking challenges before.

Well this time…I did finish it. I completed the streak and even better yet! I’ve kept my streak going. It’s funny how once you get through 30 days of “having” to do something it becomes automatic. It’s been a great way for me to get back into my training plan and running. Which brought me to a total of 58.93 miles for the month of June! YAY!

Not to mention all the cool new friends that I’ve now followed on their streaking journey. AND this awesome cool app that you can create calendar collages with. How cool is that?


Marathon Training – Week 8

I can’t believe we are are already in week 8 of training. I know I picked a 30 week plan so I have 22 more weeks of running before my first marathon. You know, just saying that makes it seem like it’ll be here in no time.

My training has been spotty due to work and injuries. But that is no excuse, well maybe the injury part. Just a little bit….ok. Next week I plan to get my act back in gear with the help of Jen from PinkCupcakeGirl.

We’re going streaking!!!! During June, I’m planning on running at least 1 mile EVERY DAY! 1 mile! That’s it. You can walk it, jog it, run it, skip, hop or jump it. Just 1 mile. If you run more…great! But the key is to keep going from June 1 all the way to June 30. Think you can do it with me?

Make sure you follow myself (runnerchick29 on IG) and Jen (pinkcupcakegirl on IG) and anyone else that you want to follow during this challenge. We’ll encourage each other and make sure that we get this streak completed and rocked!

Who else is is going streaking?!

My Running Favorites

I was tagged my my friend over at Erin Runs Happy to answer 7 questions about my running favorites. I was so lucky to finally run into her, well she ran into me, during the DC Rock and Roll Half this past March. We had seen each other at other local races, but never said Hi to each other. Who knew it would take 30,000 other runners for us to find each other. So anyways, here it goes…

  1. Location:     Trail, Road, or Indoors?
    Roads all the way these days. When I started running I was a strict indoor runner. Now I will run outside any chance I get.
  2. Time of Day:     Morning, Noon, or Evening?
    I am a Morning person. But I also know that if I don’t get my run in, then it doesn’t happen (most likely) So for me it’s better to do it in the morning.
  3. Weather:     Sunshine, Mild or Hot?
    I’ve run in all kinds of weather, just not snow. I love running on a cool, crisp morning with no humidity and the sun is shining.
  4. Fuel:     Before, After, and Sometimes During?
    Depends on how long I’ll be gone for. If it’s a long run, then I’ll take something before mainly my EnergyBits since they don’t mess with my stomach. Then I’ll have some GU or whatever I’m training with that day. After I’m not that hungry especially after a long run. It takes awhile to get my appetite back so I’ll have some Skratch Labs to get my hydration back.
  5. Accessories:      Music, Watch & More? 
    What don’t I run with!? I have my iPhone (Music galore), Garmin watch, Jawbone Up24, my #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS bracelet, my roadID bracelet, definitely my sparkle visor, my camelbak, and if I need an extra set of umph, then I put on a sparkle skirt.
  6. Rewards:     Food, Wine, or …?
    Wine! Definitely have some wine or beer after a good long run.
  7. Type of Run:     Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?
    Oh this is tough. I would have to say either recovery/easy runs or my long runs. I still have to work on my mental attitude to get over the hump and push through on my runs regardless how long they are. I have some great running buddies though that help me push through and make the miles fly by.

So there are my 7 things! What do you find that works or doesn’t work for you?

I’m going streaking!!!

….ok not that kind of streaking. I’ve been in a slump and most of that is due to my insane laziness, time constraints and well I find lack of sleep unattractive. So my training has 10940434_10100278760923193_1577890398167385316_ntaken a back seat for a little bit and I would get a run in whenever I found time. With coaching winding down, now is the perfect time to start on a fitness track again. So I’m joining my fellow cool kids and running or walking at least 1 mile every day for the month of February. So in the balmy 32 with possible snow, I set out to do just 1 mile. I know, but after being so inconsistent, I wanted to make sure that I started somewhere easy. I have a friend that I follow on IG, and she’s started it for the month.  She’s great…so positive and I love to see what she’s been up to.  @pinkcupcakegirl …go find her.  You won’t be sorry!

I signed up for a 5k this weekend just to keep the streak going and to have something to train for. I also have a 10k on Valentines day. So I have plenty of running to do soon and what scares me the most, is that my first half of the year is coming up very fast. Almost too fast.  The DC Rock n’ Roll will be here before I know it and that’s the first big race of the season. I ran it last year with very few training miles under my belt and I was sick as well. I finished and it was definitely not a PR by any means. So I’m hoping that I can do better this year and get around my PR time. I’ve decided to start by adding a few things into my training as well, more stretching, yoga, and some strength training. I need to get those in order as well.  I was doing some body weight exercises last night during the commercials from the big game and wow…I’ve been out of it for so long. I’m hoping that after a few weeks it will start making a difference and it will make a bigger difference in all aspects of my training.

I’m still working on my goal for 2015. 1000 miles. And well, I’ve made a baby dent. And by baby dent I mean only 24 miles down and 976 more to go.  I am hoping that this month I’ll make a toddler sized dent and get back on track. I really am starting to question why I thought this was a good idea. But it’s a goal and on 31 December 2015, if I complete it, I will definitely be doing something nice to treat myself.

So who is joining me? Lets go streaking!!!