Happy Monday!

This weekend was a busy weekend. I worked on Saturday and then Sunday was the Color Run! It was fabulous as usual! I got lots of color and the color got everywhere. I didn’t expect anything less.

Here’s some before and after pics…


My outfit complete with white sparkle skirt!


Before…and who doesn’t want a picture with the sparkle more sign?!


And…done! With lots of color!


I got blasted in the fact with Pink color!


Another fantastic Color Run! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Hope you all had a great weekend as usual!

It’s Monday!

I can’t believe that we are approaching Memorial Day. It seems just like yesterday that the New Year started.


Flat me for Carter’s Run


Me and one of my BRF getting ready for the run

Any who…I had a fun weekend. Saturday was a Carter’s Run 5k. It was to support Dandy-Walker Syndrome and I wrote about it here. It was a great race. Very hot day for sure! We started at 9am and it was a great course. I felt bad for the people who were stuck on Gloucester Parkway but it was for a good cause. I got to see Erin from ErinRunsHappy at one of the water stations. I was so happy to see her around mile 2.5. She definitely put a smile on my face for the remaining tenths of the race. Shortly after that I saw another face I haven’t seen in a few years. He is always happy but he was definitely a guy who you knew when he was mad. He was       and continues to be an inspirational person. He’s done several races and triathlons. So I saw him and his daughter just after the water stop. His daughter was super cute and ran with me for a few.

Sunday morning was The Color Run! This was my 5th tiIMG_5134me running it and having so much fun! IMG_5146Just like my first time I ran it. I ran it with L and J. We got there and were excited to be there. We found J and got all ready to run. It was great morning.  A little humid, but better than freezing. We started our venture out on the course and got really colorful. This year they included a “shine” color station. Lots of glitter! So much glitter! I’m still getting it out of my ears. But that’s ok. We finished and got our medals (also new this year), and went over to the finish party. We did our color throw, and had some more fun before we headed back to our cars. It was a blast and I’ll definitely be back in September when they return to the DC areIMG_5152a.IMG_5155IMG_5127

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring and my mom is dealing with SNOW! Oh my! I just happen to be in southern VA for the VA Beach Shamrock half. It’s my second half in 8 days! WOW! I’m off to the convention center today to do packet pick up and then walk around and see what’s going on. Hopefully the rain goes away quickly today. It’s suppose to be perfect race weather. So that will be good and will be less rainy than the DC Rock and Roll. The outfit will be the same as last weekend but with rainbow socks. Another fun time for sure.

Here’s to a Friday with less rain and great weather! Happy Spring!🌸🌹🌷🌻


Snowy Thursday! So let me share my race outfits for March!

I’m lucky today and get to spend my day at home with the snow that is falling outside. My office closing with inclement weather is a rare occasion. So I get to spend my day in the warmth of my own home. Yay me!

image1So with that being said, and with getting into the TCS NYC Marathon still sinking in, I thought I would share my DC Rock and Roll half marathon and my VA Beach Shamrock half marathon outfits! Of course there’s sparkle involved and I can’t wait to run.

Ok, so I haven’t quite decided which race legs I’m going to wear. It’s quite possible I wear one for one race and other set for the other half. The visor, arm warmers, skirt and race legs all came from Sparkle Athletic. Go Team Sparkle! The tank top I got off Etsy from RainDancerClothing. Both shipped very quickly and were here in my hands in plenty of time. It’s going to be so much fun to be wearing these outfits.

I can’t wait to run next weekend in the DC Rock and Roll half marathon with my BRF. I was sick and still ran this race last year. I’m getting sick now (oh no) and i’m trying to beat it before next weekend rolls around. It wasn’t my best half marathon time by any means last year and so this year I just hope to finish faster than I did last year. It’s a great race and a great course. You get to see things in DC that you don’t always see. The race this year will be like interval training and so it will be a different type of race for me and more like a training run. I’m not looking forward to the hill at mile 6 getting off Rock Creek Parkway.  That’s one killer hill!

The following week I’ll be down in VA Beach running the Shamrock Half. Who ever thought that running another 13.1 miles after just finishing one 8 days before was a good idea never told me. That would be my smart planning! HAHA It will be a challenge and one that I’m ready to take on! I’m super excited to be traveling to VA Beach area. I’ve never been down to that city and I’m looking forward to seeing a different part of Virginia. Any suggestions for places to eat? My sister, her boyfriend and one of his friends along with myself are all going down to run. I’m sure I’ll post pictures on Instagram while I’m there and share some here when I get back from the trip. I’m looking forward to another half under my belt.

Here’s to staying warm today! Cheers!

5 of My Favorite Things

Hi Everyone!

Last week I shared 5 non running things about me here, this week I’m sharing my 5 favorite things as of March 2015.

  1. Starbucks offering coconut milk for their drinks! Such a difference this has made! I love that they are offering this to their customers now.
  2. York Peppermint Patties minis! OMG! Such a great find. I know it took me awhile but wow! A must for my snack drawer!
  3. Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Popcorn! Yummy! Another great find for my snack drawer. I could eat a whole bag if I wasn’t careful.
  4. I love everything by Sparkle Athletic! I now have amassed several skirts, 2 visors, a pair of shwings, 3 sets of arm warmers, numerous shirts and tanks, and several pairs of race legs! You can never have enough sparkle!
  5. My foam roller! Oh my! Ever since I started lifting again. I’ve needed every bit of foam rolling I can get. It’s helped so much with recovery after my runs and so I can’t wait to see what it does for me after lifting. Such an asset to any athlete’s arsenal.

These are just a few of my favorite things! Don’t be afraid to share what your favorite things are! I want to hear all about them!

February Goals Check In


I can’t believe that it’s already the last day of the month! How incredible and it seems like February just started. February was a busy month for me and so therefore the running took a back seat. So March will be for getting back on track and starting to work out again. I only completed 47.4 miles this month.  BOOO!! But yes 47 is better than 0. And 70.52 for 2015 all together! Far from the 1000 that I would like by December 31, 2015.

SO….because of that, and because of March means spring, I’m going to do the 100 mile challenge for March. That averages out to 3.22 miles per day. I have 2 half marathons this month (yes I have a plan for those that I’ll share next week) and some long runs leading up to the 2 halfs, that are 8 days apart.  I even got my outfit put together (I’ll share that too) and it’s probably the first time that I’ve planned an outfit this far out. I’m super excited about it. And yes more sparkle included.

I hope you were able to reach your goals for February, and if not, that’s ok too. Lets hit 100 miles together in March! Who’s with me??

Weekend Activities

Happy Sunday Evening!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had quite the weekend and today has been lazy ok well the whole weekend has been lazy. Isn’t that what weekends are for?

Friday, I was in southern VA for the 4A State Swim Meet. My kids did great and since they ran our meet at the same time as the 3A meet, I had this fear that I was going to make it back around 3am Saturday morning and with the impending snow….I was not looking forward to that. I had driven down Thursday night to meet my kids who had already gotten down there and I had to work so I drove to meet them. I found out about the meet changes when I got down there and how they were going to run our meet with 3A and to be quite honest I started to freak out. I didn’t know how I was going to stay awake for the drive home and I definitely did not want to get stuck in southern Virginia (I love it down there, but I like my home better). Fortunately, I have a great mom who listened to me and told me not to worry. She had contacted some friends that we had along my trek home and they were more than happy to have me stay if needed. So I was feeling better with several contingency plans in place. Prelims went well and finals were just a few short hours away. Finals came and went with a blink of an eye and all my kids were fantastic. Such a good end to a very challenging year for me. So now it was close to 8:45pm and I was looking at a 3.5 hour drive home. I was able to start driving soon after the meet was over and once I got to 81 I called my Mom to let her know I was on the road. She told me that a church friend who is in Covington was ready for me in case the weather hit or I just wasn’t feeling the drive. And my elementary school PE teacher was ready in Mt. Jackson as well. It was shortly after 9 and so I called my PE teacher since we hadn’t talked for awhile. We spent a good 45 minutes on the phone just chatting about everything. She was such a good sport and keeping me on the phone while I was driving my way up north on 81. Such a special treat.

I was feeling good so I kept driving and was able to make it to Winchester before I stopped for gas knowing I only had 40 or so minutes left to my house. My mom was staying up knowing I was on the road and so I was trying to get back in a good amount of time. I called my mom again around midnight to let her know I was back home. And she stayed up until I got parked. It definitely wasn’t expected but I was so glad to have made it home safely and before the snow that was headed our way.

Saturday was lazy since I was still recovering from a long day on Friday, I watched tv and with the snow outside it was hard for me to not enjoy it being lazy.  I did get a couple of things done around my condo and so I wouldn’t say the entire day was a wash.

Today has been semi lazy, no church this morning because of the roads and I still had to dig out my car. So today has been one of those days where I just do a little and then watch tv. I was able to get out for a little bit this morning and that was nice. Tonight I’m headed out for late dinner with K 🙂 Couldn’t be more excited about spending time with him. This afternoon I’ve been able to plan my outfits for my upcoming half marathons and my 10 miler. YAY! More sparkle has been ordered! OOPS! Oh well. I can’t wait. I’ll share pictures when it arrives. Oddly enough, no sparkle skirts were ordered. That’s for the next order. Promise!

I can get my training back on track and try and do semi decent now that swimming is over. It’ll be a good thing and hopefully I can start adding a few more things to my workout and really get back on track. The countdown is on. I find out on March 3rd if I made it into the NYC Marathon. Fingers crossed!