1 week…

1 week to go before I officially start my NYC Marathon training. 7 days. I have the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on 12 April so that will be a great end to my first week of training. YAY! I was talking with M last week and sharing my racing schedule and how “packed” it is. She wanted to know which races I had in September/October and wanted to join! I love when I get to run races with other runners and friends. From 5k to halfs or even the only other full I’ve done was with someone else. It’s more fun with friends! I even roped in a few for the Color Run when it stops here in May! One of the most fun races ever!

Last week many of my friends got the ever awesome email that let them know they were selected to run the 40th Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015! I’m so excited for them and so sad at the same time that I won’t be joining them. NYC is the week after so that is taking the priority. I will most likely still be at the finish line cheering everyone on since I plan to run the 10k that they put on that day. I’m crazy but not crazy enough to run 2 marathons within a week.

My planning (yes I’m a planner) for NYC is almost done. I have the train tickets and hotel. I just need restaurants and things to do. I won’t be doing many things besides the expo and seeing some sights. I can’t wait to experience it. This will probably be the only time I run NYC unless I travel up there for some halfs which would be fun. So many things to consider for the future. I may plan things but when it comes to training I am lazy and always start off great. I hope that I’m not lazy this time and can keep my poor mental attitude out of it. I have a good feeling about this though so we will see.

So here’s to the start of training and 215 days before I run in NYC!


This Just happened….

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts. It’s been a crazy week. Getting back from my second half in 8 days 🙂 So I started looking into a few things. I’d been seeing these “Half Fanatics” on Instagram and a number after it. So I did a little research and there are definitely some crazy folks out there. http://www.halffanatics.com is the website. And the lowest to qualify and be considered a Half Fanatic is 2 half marathons in 16 days. 😳 I started thinking (this can be dangerous) that I totally just did that. So I’ve been sitting on this knowledge. I would visit the page every so often, more like every day, wondering if I was crazy enough to join this group. Well last night I bit the bullet and signed up. I’m at the Neptune level and I’m now a Half Fanatic.

I never imagined that when I started running this is where my journey would take me. I never thought that I would run in and finish 2 half marathons in just over a week. Let alone  run a marathon and complete a triathlon and training for my second marathon. I proud of myself for being on this continued journey. It’s always a great journey even though I curse myself when I’m training and continually ask why I sign up for these events and lotteries and races. It’s the end result and that bling and satisfaction that you just completed the run.

So here’s to the crazies! Come join me 🙂


TCS NYC Marathon Lottery Results

Happy Wednesday! And it’s truly a great day even though it’s gloomy and rainy out. I found out yesterday that….IMG_4495

And I couldn’t be more excited! Yes it’s daunting and I’m scared! But come on…it’s the NYC Marathon. This is a bucket list race and a once in a lifetime opportunity! I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to sign up for the lottery or not and with some encouragement, I did. 80,000 people entered the lottery and just over 14,000 were selected. That’s an 18% chance. I was hopeful but at the same time ok, knowing that I could try again next year or run with a charity.

So here’s to the training and long hours! I couldn’t ask for better support from my friend and family! 🙂 Cheers!

What did I just do?!

Are you all ready for a spectacular Friday? I know I am. I’m ready for a fun 3 day weekend that’s for sure. Swim meets, training runs (or 1 training run) and who knows what other trouble I’ll get into.

Do you ever have that one or several races that you want to run one day and have them planned out and which years you’d like to get them done? Well the NYC Marathon is one of those races for me. Yesterday the lottery opened up for the race and will be open until February 15. I got the email from NYRR and looked at it and even pulled up the website to explore. Then I deleted the email.  I was hemming and hawing because I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the time training for it if I did get in, but then again I would like to attempt another marathon this year. But the money and race entry fee, hotel, food, and everything else. Did I really want to sign up, knowing with my luck that I would get into the race. Sure you get charged to be in the lottery and it’s a nominal fee, but the race entry! WOW! The training takes a lot of time, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready to spend another summer going for 4-5 hour training runs. Yes, that long! I’m not a fast runner and I definitely take my walk breaks! Luckily I have people who understand and support me 100% in my journey. That is the best feeling ever.

Well I did it! I signed up for the lottery. EEK! What in the world did I just do?! No, seriously that was my reaction right after I signed up. November 1 has been marked out in my planner so that, just in case I get in, I can go.  Once they run the selection, I’ll be able to really start making plans for going to NYC. I’ve been up there for a day, but I hope to be up there for a few days to enjoy the city and friends before I run the race.

I get ahead of myself! I must bring myself back to reality and know that it’s a lottery and that I may or may not get into the race. It will be great either way. The next adventure!

Good luck to all who have entered the lottery or who plan to enter! For those who got guaranteed entry! You will rock it!

Happy Friday!