Do you ever…

Do you ever feel that everything is just imploding and nothing seems to be going the way you want. GAH. Let me get you caught up….

The end of July was our yearly family vacation to the most gorgeous place on earth. No, not Disney, that’s the happiest place on earth. 🙂 My mom, sister and I make the trek to Cape Cod every year and have since I was young so it’s like going home almost. So we started out way. My mom and I drove up…we started at 3am and did fine until we needed to get onto the Cape. And if any of you know, that can be a nightmare. This time it was a nightmare. But we had several funny moments happen while we were trying to make our way. I mean, have you ever seen a cars hood pop up while someone was driving and they kept driving the vehicle…no?…me either until this trip. HAHA.

My sister was flying in and so she got there later. We had a good time and the next morning started out on our long runs that we had to get done. Mine was 9 miles and hers was 14. She was nice though and hung with me for the first 4 miles and then she took off…literally took off. She’s so much faster than me and so I more like jog and walk when I can, ok more like want. But we couldn’t go out on our long run and not take a selfie at the beach. So we finished our run and then we walked around town, did some shopping and then just relaxed the rest of the day.

I flew home early so I could go back to work. (Anyone else feel like work gets in the way of all the fun? No, just me.  Ok. :)) It was nice to have a few days and just relax and read all day if you want, or take naps. Naps are my favorite.

So I get home and start to get back into a routine before I start house sitting/dog sitting. I love that I’m able to do this so that others can have peace on their vacation. Or somewhat peace with some accidents. Meanwhile we found out that my grandmother had passed. She lived a full life of 97 years and still in her own home. So we’ve been planning her service and coordinating travel with everyone and who is staying where and when are they getting in. Things like that. Sounds like fun right?

So needless to say, I’ve had a few things going on lately. Just a few. I missed my 10 mile run this past weekend. My foot was feeling funky and I needed to get it feeling ok so I didn’t derail my training for the marathon. I’ll get back on track this week and should be good to go. My long runs are definitely getting longer and the feeling of training for a marathon is becoming more real.

I’ll leave you with this quote that I found since life seems to be in a constant state of change here lately.

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Slump = New Adventures

Ok I admit it, my mind has gotten the better of me lately and therefore my running has been in a slump. I came back from my company’s trip and needed to get out of my rut like no other. I was also at a point where I didn’t like the way I looked and to be quite honest, my clothes weren’t fitting like I remembered (this has been happening for the last year or so, I’ve just been in denial about it. Simply saying the dryer shrunk my clothes or some other excuse 🙂 )

So I entered last week on a mission. I started cross training and spinning in addition to my training for the NYC Marathon. The running was becoming mundane and I knew I needed to change it up but also change up my working out and put some new things in there. I started this one fitness program that has you on the treadmill doing hills and intervals and pushing your pace to points where you get really uncomfortable. Some of my running buddies have seen some improvements in their running abilities and speed so I’m really looking forward to that. AND I’ve added a spin class to change it up as well to still get my heart rate up. I’ll tell you what though, this last week kicked my butt.

I had a 4 miler with a few of my running buddies Saturday evening. It was HOT! They gave us ice water at the water stop and it totally made me feel like I was going to get sick. So as a result I walked most of mile 2. Not the best but that’s ok. I then walked a song, ran a song for the remainder of the race. As a result I was a very slow 50 minutes for 4 miles. UGH! Oh well. I managed. But let me tell you, I was so freaking sore on Sunday and Monday. I went to my cross training class on Monday and had a hard time running and doing the exercises. But I did it. And last night the run kicked my but. Try running .6 miles at a decent pace at a 6% incline. Wowzers! I love it don’t get me wrong! But hot dang!

I keep looking at my arms and legs and think I see a change. BUT it’s only been a week so how can a change happen that fast? Yeah it’s pretty much all mental at that point. I hope to see some more changes and better changes in the future. Only time will tell.