PSA – Health Check In

Hi Everyone!

I am still coming off the high of running the NYC Marathon almost 2 weeks ago. Can you believe it?! It seems like yesterday, ok maybe a few more days.

But I digress…if you follow me on IG you know that I was in surgery this morning. I debated putting that picture up and in fact didn’t put it up until after I was home and resting. And frankly, I don’t know if I should post this post. I always try to be so positive and cheery but sometimes I just need to put real life out there and pull support from where you can. I have an awesome support system at home, but I won’t be running for awhile because of surgery this morning. And wanted to bring some awareness, because frankly I do care about each one of you.

So let me start from the beginning. May of 2014, I found a lump in a place all of women fear of getting one. I freaked out. Who wouldn’t. I was “training” (doing a horrible job at it) for my first olympic distance triathlon. And so I just told myself that I would get it checked after the triathlon in July. I prayed that it wasn’t there. And I actually did forget about it until I scheduled my yearly woman’s exam for October. Bad I know. OOPS!

October came and I went to my doctor. I told her I found the lump and she obviously wasn’t happy that I had waited that long to get it check but that it was probably just a fibroadenoma, and really just a lump. So she sends me to get a mammogram. Who at 30 has had one of those!? Yeah, me! ✋🏼 Hand raised right here. (It’s not as bad as some people say it is, I promise). After the mammogram, the doctor at the radiologist wanted to get an ultrasound to get measurements and to look at it better. So that’s what we did. I left the radiologist’s office with orders for a biopsy for further testing. I was surprised honestly. My doctor called me before I even got to my office to get back to work. We both decided that the biopsy would be best to determine what the lump was and to have a peace of mind.

I had the biopsy the following week and it was less than I expected. I didn’t even know what to expect but after the biopsy I went back to work. I found out a few days later that it in fact was just a lump, a fibroadenoma. Such a huge relief and I carried on with my normal life.

Fast forward to September of this year. I had been working out more and trying to get come cross training in. I happened to check on my lump and it seemed different. I thought maybe that I had lost some weight and (wishful thinking) my lump was just more prominent. I had my yearly doctor visit scheduled and mentioned something to her about it. She checked it out and well it got bigger. She still was adamant that it was probably still a lump but that she wanted me to go get it checked out to be sure.

So, off I went, back to the radiologist. I had my ultrasound and the doctor took measurements and it definitely confirmed that it had grown. Commence freak out mode. He recommended me seeing a surgeon to see what they had to say about it. I talked with my doctor a day later and she said the same thing. So I was now on a crazy adventure I never thought I’d be on.

Before meeting with the surgeon, I had been going between both options, removing it and not removing it. I was trying to get a grip on how I would react to whichever situation the surgeon wanted. Leave it in, ok fine, that’s great. I may still worry but if the surgeon is ok with it, then I’m not so worried. Take it out, ok freak out a bit, not knowing what the surgery would entail. I was hopeful that the surgeon would say to take it out. Less worry for me down the road but I had to be ready for either situation.

I met with the surgeon in early October. She was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone that has the same adventure to go on.  My Mom went with me to appointment. The surgeon did her exam and then left the room for a few minutes to check all my films. She came back and recommend surgery to remove the lump. YAY! By this point, I felt like I was falling further down the rabbit hole. Ever feel that way when you get news you don’t expect? I had worn some of my athletic gear and she obviously took note. And it was a good thing my Mom was there, I would have totally forgotten to tell the surgeon that I was running the NYC Marathon on 1 Nov. But after she asked what I did after looking athletic, I told her about it and she had no qualms about waiting until after the Marathon.

So I went and ran the Marathon. Had a freaking blast. (You can read my race recap here – NYC Marathon Race Recap) But I was dreading coming back home to reality knowing that this surgery was ahead of me. Yes, I was nervous. I was worried. Scared. All of the emotions you go through when there’s something unexpected and a new journey you’re on.

This morning, I made my way to the hospital. Got checked in and all ready. Met with all the doctors and nurses. All were doing their best to put me at ease. My Mom and Sister had gone down with me and were waiting for me to go through this. Soon the surgery got underway and let me just say it was quick. I started surgery around 8am this morning and was in the recovery room by 9 and home by 10. The surgeon was pleased with how everything went. I was shocked that it went so quickly. I’m thankful that it went smoothly and quickly. I’ll find out a full report on the lump next week and still crossing my fingers that everything turns out fine.

So, I’ll be taking it easy for a few days and doing what I can once I feel up to it. I’ll ease back into it. I have a 5k to run/walk the first weekend in December. And I can’t wait to get back out there. If I have to walk it, so be it. But i’ll be out there sparkling in my sparkle skirt and visor!

This is your PSA to check yourself regularly and if you are concerned about anything don’t be afraid to go to your doctor. 😀 In this day and age, you don’t want to wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it! I can’t wait to get back out there with all my runners and fitness people!

2 thoughts on “PSA – Health Check In

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    Oh wow- thank you for sharing that. We need more awareness. I am sorry you had to go through all of that, and I am glad you go to run NYC before the surgery. Hugs and fingers crossed that everything is okay. You’ll be back out there soon enough!


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