Happy Sunday!

Well here it is Sunday evening and I feel like I haven’t lived in my own place for the last month. Oh that’s right, it’s because I haven’t. I’ve been fortunate enough that people have trusted me with their animals and houses to let me stay while they have been on vacation.  🙂

Today I was lucky enough to have a day with my mom, which we haven’t had for awhile. Well since we drove to the Cape together. But after church, I went over to her house to talk about the coming week and what my day’s plan might be. So many options….might need a new car, so might head to the dealership, wineries? since I had wine pickups, moving furniture (I’ve been in my place for over a year and have yet to move everything over) and so on. SO MANY OPTIONS! So, what did we choose?! We choose to go do my wine pick ups!! The most important thing ever! I belong to 3 wineries here in Northern Virginia and absolutely love their wine. Some of it does not last long in my house while others, say a 2001 Merlot from Breaux Vineyward, I’ve kept forever! Anyways, so my mom and I started off on the adventure.

The first stop was at Dukenie and we hadn’t tasted there in a long time so we got to taste some new wines there. And our person that was helping us kept saying that I looked familiar. That can be dangerous, and I hope they remember me for the good things. It turns out that it was a classmate of mine from high school who was a year behind me mother that was helping. Ironic! She also knew some friends of my mom’s from church so we were talking about it all.

The next stop was Breaux Vineyard. They recently opened their new tasting room and club room and it as gorgeous! I hadn’t been there since April and it was so nice to see the progress. We tasted there and really loved the new Sav Blanc that they created. And before we knew it we also tasted a Merlot from 2010. Agh…delicious!

On our way to my last pick up we stopped at the Stoneybrook Farm Market in Hillsboro. We always pass it but it’s always closed since it’s usually a Saturday that we are passing through. Ohmgeee…this place is amazing! The organic market is so cool and they have things that you don’t see in the food market. I was so stoked that we stopped. Then my mom and I saw the sandwich menu. We were hungry and we probably needed food so we ordered a sandwich and sat looking in aww of what was going on around us. Well, we got our sandwich and everything changed. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! We could not stop talking about this sandwich. Turkey and Swiss on a poppy seed bun with sprouts and tomato with pesto! Please take me back there some day! After we were finished with this sandwich, we got in the car and still could not stop talking about it. It was so good.

The next and final stop was Sunset Hills. This has always been one of our favorites and I always love going there. We tasted and then got my pick up before leaving. I will have to go back at some point and get more wine…do we ever have enough wine? Um that would be a no! I know I need to take the boyfriend there. I just need to get him out here in the country to take him 😉

The rest of today has been pretty chill. Did some cleaning (Who likes to clean?) and then now just enjoying my balcony before I go back to work tomorrow. It’ll be a short week for me. Thursday I leave for my grandmothers funeral and will be gone through the following Tuesday. So please forgive me and my non blogging abilities in advance.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! And has a great start to the week!


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