Sorry for the break…Here’s a quick recap!

I’m sorry for the break. Lots of things have been happening and had some family visits that needed to take priority. So I hope that I can return and continue documenting my journeys here.

First I took an impromptu trip with my Mom to Swarthmore, PA 2 weeks ago. My very young (96 years young) grandmother wasn’t doing so well and had been in the hospital. So Saturday morning my mom and I drove up to see her and to see how she was doing. My 1 Aunt lives next door and the other drove in from upstate NY. So much fun to see them. And as a surprise, my cousin from WV drove over and we got to hang out which was also fun. He and I haven’t had that before since he’s 10 years older than me and so we’ve been at different points in our lives until recently. It’s always nice to be around family. My grandmother is doing OK and we were able to help out a little bit. For being 96 she’s doing quite well, still in her own home, but now has a lot of help that comes in.

While I was up there, I had a 7 mile training run to complete. I got it done, but holy hills. IMG_5645I didn’t realize how many hills that small town had. It was quite amusing though, Friday afternoon, I was Google Mapping my plan of attack for the 7 miles and it wouldn’t let me put in any more points or change the route and I only had 6.5 miles. So my mom and I went for a drive that Saturday afternoon, to try and track the 7 miles and see how far I would actually have to go on Sunday. I got up on Sunday and started out. I stopped several times to take pictures. I don’t know how many more trips I’ll be taking up to PA and so I wanted to get things that would remind me of the quaint town. And I walked way more than I wanted, but I got the 7 miles in and even though it was a very slow 7 miles, it was still 7 miles.

IMG_5680Last week was filled with lots of Orangetheory Fitness. And I started going Monday through Thursday to help with training for the marathon. They were also having a Dri-Tri this past weekend and I had signed up for it only thinking after the fact and thinking what in the world did I get myself into. The tri consisted of a 2000 meter row, 300 body weight exercises, and then a 5k run. It took me about 56 minutes to complete and I got my legs back around 2.5 miles of the run. It was a fun experience for sure. I definitely had to pace myself on the row, and I’m a horrible rower, but I’m getting better. The next one will be in September so we’ll see if I venture that way again.

Today I had the distinct honor on being featured on my fellow Sweat Pink sister’s blog. You should go check it out here. She even spells her name the correct way, with an I-N, instead of E-N. Although I’m sure we’ve both had our fair share of misspellings. I love her blog. It’s been so much fun getting to know her and what she likes. Go check it out!

I hope you have an excellent start to the week. Sorry for my absence. Here’s to another week of marathon training and cross training. I have to build up my mental attitude for my 9 mile run this weekend. That’s going to be fun! It’s going to be in the best place ever! Cape Cod!

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