May Totals


So May wasn’t the best month for me and my workouts. But that’s OK because June is going to rock! I had a total of 42.44 miles for May. Yikes…how is the marathon training to going go? It’s going to go well. It has to go well. It can’t be anything but including the good days and the bad days. My goal for June is 65 miles. 65 is totally doable and with my new motto…accept no limits…it will be done! And I’m going to be doing more of what me awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your goals for the month of June? A certain number of miles? A new workout routine? Meditation?

2 thoughts on “May Totals

  1. shooruns says:

    Love your motto. June I am going for “grind and improve”…..go out there and work hard daily regardless of how I feel or the weather. It’s the work you put prior to the race (i call it the grind) that is directly responsible for the race results. IMHO. Good Luck


    • runnerchick29 says:

      That’s great! It’s so hard to keep a good routine and that’s my problem right now trying to get into a good one. I’m hoping that this month will be the turning point and I can get on a better track than I already am. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck to you as well! Happy workouts!

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