Hello There Wednesday…

I have to admit, I was really defeated after yesterday’s very hot and humid and quite ugly run. I didn’t wander far from my mind at all how bad the run was. I didn’t even get my workout stuff together last night I was so discouraged. Anyways, I got up this morning knowing I had 3 miles to go and pushed myself out the door so that I could go ahead and get it over with. Horrible, I know right?

I can’t say that I had many expectations for this mornings run. One of those things that you just have to trudge through to get it done put the miles in the books and get on with your day. I got to the office to meet up with my running partner and we headed out to do 3 miles. He’s great because he lets me dictate the pace…not always a good thing but he’s one cool dude staying with me and making small talk while we make or way down the trail. Today was just like any other day on the trail, it was cool, and not humid. So much different than yesterday. Before I knew it we were half way done with our run. We turned around to head back to the office and I had to stop since I could feel a blister forming on top of my foot from the seam on my socks. First time that’s happened so we can check that box off. I fixed what I could and then continued on our way. Mr. speedy next to me decided to pick up the pace and I was trying to keep up as I already slow him down enough and I looked down at my watch to see what pace we were going and we were going at a 9:15 pace. WHOA! Um slow down…so we did and kept it at a reasonable pace for the remaining part. Once we cross the last road I usually pick it up and try to finish at a faster pace than the rest of the run.

We got off the trail stopped our watches and I had set a new PR for fastest 5k! It was only by 2 seconds, but still…new PR for me! Dance time. HAHA. It was a great morning for a run and I defiantly didn’t have any expectations to get a PR. So here’s to hoping for another great run tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening. I hope that I can have a similar run tomorrow!


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