Week 5 Check In

How is it already Monday!? I feel like I did’t have a weekend or at least it went by way too fast. And now that I’m starting this second sentence on Tuesday just lets you know how busy I was yesterday. Geez!

Last week was a really good week for training. I had some really great runs. I went out of town this past weekend and got in a run on a always pretty college campus. I stopped to take some pictures and hope to post them later. I’m lucky I got to spend Mother’s day with my Mom and Grandmother. My Mom got a call from my sister who is out of the country and I even got to talk to my cousin who is in Hong Kong. So cool!

So far this week has been hot and humid so I’ll need to go for a run later tonight or double up this week. Sorry that the posting has been minimal and so scattered. I hope to get back on track soon. 🙂 Keep rocking!

Week Totals: 0
Month Total: 16.33
Year Total: 144.94

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