It’s Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! By this point we are on the downhill slide towards the weekend!

I got out for another run this morning. I didn’t know if I was going to have the full 3 miles I was suppose to accomplish but I did. And I wasn’t far off from my 3 mile time yesterday. I ended up running the same “course” as yesterday because if I were to go the other way on the trail it would play mind games with me. I like to consider it as no mans land. But the way I did go has 2 sizable dips where you run down before running up what seems like a steep incline. I’m ok with it otherwise.

I like to think that I’m back on the bandwagon, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when I can actually sleep in and be late since I have the dreaded Dentist appointment in the morning. Shouldn’t be too bad though. And tomorrow is only 2 miles, but we’ll see how I’m feeling and if I’m feeling good, then maybe I’ll get more miles in. Either that or I’m running after work to keep my mileage up.

When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 I used a different plan and it had me running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and long runs on the weekend. I’m still getting use to running Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and long runs on mainly Saturday unless I’ve had to adjust them to Sunday. And so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks as I add miles to my training.

So far my running totals are:
Week: 11.18
Month: 11.18
Year: 139.76

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