Week 5 – Day 2 NYC Marathon Training

I did it! I redeemed myself this morning on my run. I wanted to get a few more half miles in and I was able to do that and kind of died on the way back to my office. I’m lucky that my office has a workout area in the back with showers so I don’t annoy my coworkers after a run by my stinky sweaty self. After Sunday I definitely needed a reminder but I also saw this picture and quote today on Pinterest that reminded me were I started to where I’m going and the journey in between.

“Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go.”

I had 2 on the calendar today for the marathon plan and I knew I could do that. It wasn’t bad but didn’t know how much my mind was going to play tricks on me. And if I was going to listen to it. There’s a point where we start on the trail and cross a road but then you have 1.6 uninterrupted miles. So we started out on the trail with the goal of at least going 2 miles but hoping to get the full 1.6  miles before having to cross another road. Which we did. I struggled on the way back and walked up a hill but I still managed to get a 5k record on my watch. It was a slower paced 10 minutes per mile. It wasn’t bad. I was able to talk to my running partner at a comfortable pace and didn’t struggle too much.

I definitely noticed a difference between foam rolling after my runs and not foam rolling. I’m not as sore and I can generally move after my runs with having to walk like a penguin for a few steps before the lactic acid moves out of my muscles. I can see that I will have to set a reminder to get my foam roller from work and not forget it.  I’ve forgotten it at work on several weekends and I hate that I forget it so I’ll either have to get another one or just remember to take mine home. It shouldn’t be too bad. Just a quick reminder on my phone or something. All in the efforts of staying injury free.

Now I just hope my body will allow me to do another 3 or so miles tomorrow.

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