Weekend Activities

Good Morning!

It was a crazy weekend! I had an eye appointment on Saturday to see if I was a good candidate for Lasik. Which I found out I was. I have a strange prescription where I only need 1 contact because the other eye is 20/20. The techs that I saw were amazed that it’s aways been that way and never really an issue. But then I went and helped M move into her new home. I’m so excited for her. It’s a great house and I can’t wait to hear more stories from moving and setting things up. Afterwards I went back to my Mom’s house and helped her get the patio set up and we started a fire in the fire pit. We then made turkey burgers on the grate that came with the fire pit. Yum-o!

Sunday, was church and then I went on my run. It was a hot, and slow 4.61 miles. Not so much fun. Plus seeing a snake on the trail. GROSS! No thanks! I waited a good lots of feet away for him to slither off the trail before I continued my run. I got home and made breakfast and got to eat on my balcony and then hung up my medal hanger! I have only lived in my condo for a year and I kept forgetting to get the drill from my moms house. Anyways, I was able to get my medal rack up and so that’s for my special medals. My RunDisney medals and my 1 and only Marathon medal. When I finish the NYC Marathon, I’ll hang that one there too. I have a different medal hanger for everything else and my bibs so they aren’t left behind. My sister leaves this week for her big trip so we ate with my mom at her house and had turkey burgers on the fire pit grill. So it was good. I squeezed in a nap during the afternoon and then fell asleep super early. It was a good day.

This week is going to be good, but crazy. I need to stay on track with my mileage and then will be good to go and continue the climb up the mileage mountain. I was a little low on mileage during April with only 39.94 miles and then for the year I have 128.58 miles. Not too shabby but still needs some help. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day and a great start to their week!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Activities

    • runnerchick29 says:

      The snake was far enough away but I did not want to get any closer to it than I had to. HAHA. I don’t know if I’m going to get LASIK. I definitely want to. It’s just the money aspect of it and timing.


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