Tuesday = Start of Week 3

Hey everyone! I was definitely down for the count at the end of last week. Whatever is going around finally got me. Ick! But I was on the mend and feeling tons better on Saturday. M and I went for a 3.5 mile run and had a great time talking and getting out and for a run on the trail. She was a great companion to have along for the run.

Saturday afternoon was spent with K and we went to a vertical wine tasting which was so much fun. It was great to taste and we definitely enjoyed it before heading to Charles Town for what seemed like a hot second before making our way back home. It was a fun time out and I’m sure it won’t be my last out that direction. It was definitely fun to spend a whole afternoon/evening, ok half a day with K.

Sunday was a slow day, not a whole lot going on so it was nice to relax and recover more from being sick. It was a nice day as well so it was good to get out and walk around as well. But I didn’t do the 35 min walk unless you count the time I was walking around down town at the event going on. I didn’t count it so I hope to get it in sometime this week maybe.

Yesterday I was pretty much useless at work at least for the morning. I was watching the Boston Marathon on my computer and was able to see the men and women finish the events. It was so much fun to watch. I did get a little bit of work done but not nearly as efficient as I usually am. It was also a rest day and I did take that to heart minus 2 laps around my building outside after lunch since it was so nice out. So I did hit my step goal according to my Jawbone Up24.

This morning started week 3 of 30 for my marathon training plan. The weeks are flying by in my opinion, ask me that again in a few more weeks. At first I was dreading this mornings run because it’s the start of another week and it just seemed really daunting especially since I am still getting over whatever sickness I had last week. But knowing that I only had 1.5 miles, it didn’t seem too bad right. Go outside run in one direction .75 of a mile and then turn around and run back. Ok I think I can handle that. I wasn’t expecting much honestly. It was nice a cool, no humidity, and my running buddy at work was great. He is faster but a few minutes per mile but he still hangs by me and lets me set the pace. So we set out on my measly 1.5 mile training run. I felt good, a little stiff the first few tenths but started to really go. We made it to the turn around part and then headed back. The way back seemed to take FOREVER! The way we ran today I like to call no mans land because there really nothing out there. Just the trail and not even trees, it feels so barren versus the other way we run sometimes. But on the way back the last few tenths, I started to pick it up because I wanted to push myself. So we ended at an 8:50 pace (again not normal).

I looked down at my watch to stop it and next thing I know, there’s a new record that I set. Fastest mile record is now set at 9:21! Go me! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that pace and todays overall pace was 9:22/mile. So tomorrow’s run is suppose to be 3 miles. Not sure how I’m going to do but I guess just take it one step at a time (pun intended) and I’ll definitely need some tunes out there tomorrow to help me keep my pace and mind from wanting to quit. Each run is a journey and I can only get better from here.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Make sure you get out and do something fun today!

Week Total: 1.59 Miles
Month Total: 31.14 Miles
Year Total: 119.78 Miles

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