Tuesday = Start of Week 2

It’s Tuesday! Which means we made it past Monday and we are a day closer to the lovely and ever sought after weekend! It also means that I’m starting week 2 of training for the NYC Marathon! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing this marathon, this year. Honestly I never thought I would be training for another marathon. I was training for last year’s Marine Corps Marathon and transferred down to the 10k since I wasn’t feeling it and mentally just wasn’t in it. After running the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon and walking the last 6 miles I desperately wanted to get out of the 5 hour finish time and into the 4 hours. But last year it just wasn’t meant to be.

This year with the NYC Marathon just 29 weeks away, I have a better mental attitude right now even though I’m running the race by myself. I know that not all days will be insanely good and some days I’ll wonder what made me think I was crazy enough to sign up for another marathon and even question the fact that if I can complete it. In all fairness, I’ve already had a freakout moment wondering if I could even finish the marathon in the allotted time and what my next step would be. I had to remind myself that no matter how slow I go, it’s still 26.2 miles and that I certainly hope that I can finish it.

When looking at training plans that I wanted to work with, I found some that were 30 minutes running 2 times a week; and others that started off with higher mileage. I just wasn’t feeling confident in my abilities starting with a plan like that. So I kept searching for other plans. Which is what lead me to my current training plan. I know it seems silly but starting off with 1.5/3/1.5/3 seemed perfect to get me back on track. My training had been inconsistent over the winter due to working 2 jobs and little sleep. So my 2 half marathons I did this past spring were trying. I still finished, but definitely not my best times by any means. And that is completely ok!

Since I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday I decided that today was going to be an elliptical day to get the miles in. I didn’t want to injure myself or have further issues during the training. My mental toughness still needs some work so I didn’t want to defeat myself before I really started to train for the Marathon. Tomorrow is 3 miles and I do hope to get outside for that, it was raining this morning. Another reason for the elliptical. 🙂 It’s still the same right? Ok, I will keep telling myself that it’s the same. Haha.

1.8 Miles – Today’s Total
21.23 Miles – Month Total
109.87 Miles – 2015 Total (that’s sad…I don’t know if I’ll meet my goal for this year)

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