Weekend Activities

Well I had a good first week of training. It was definitely odd to only have 1.5 miles on my training schedule, but as I posted last week it’s a good thing that I had those miles on my training schedule. My mental attitude was definitely in the dumps and wow, it definitely needs some work. I finished last week Monday – Sunday with 19.43 miles! AND I finally went over the 100 mile mark for the year! (I know, I’ve been severely slacking….oops)

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with the sun out and so I got up semi early, I did allow myself to sleep in a bit. I went on my virtual 5k run for Team Sparkle and #Ragnar4Rett. Rett Syndrome is much like autism and mainly affect young girls. It robs them of their ability to walk, play, speak and run. So as Team Sparkle was running the Ragnar SoCal, I ran a 5k here on my own. It was so nice to get out and run a little bit and was it windy. I’m sure I got some great and strange looks wearing my purple sparkle skirt. Then I started my journey into DC to pick up the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler packets for the group of ladies that I was running with on Sunday. It was really easy but super crowded. Everyone was headed into the city to see the blossoms and there was a CAPS game. Go figure! It was super easy and the expo was really well run. It wasn’t over crowded so you couldn’t tell how many people were there. I was able to get in and get out with the 5 packets and still view what was around. Thank goodness I took another bag with me so I wasn’t lugging around all 5 clear plastic bags. After I got back home, I had some down time before meeting M for dinner. And a yummy dinner it was! We talked about the 21 Day Fix program and just getting healthier as well. It was good.

Early Morning down by the Washington Moument

Early Morning down by the Washington Moument

Sunday was an early morning. I had set out my race outfit the night before and it was great to just wake up and put that on, not to mention I had to take a picture and post on IG. At 5:30am we all met at one friends house to pack into a car and head down to DC for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I was so nervous that we weren’t going to get there on time. There was a race a few years ago that we almost missed because we drove down to it and so I just started to get scared that we were going to miss the start of the Cherry Blossom because we couldn’t find a parking spot. But we did and made the start line no problem. The race day was great! The weather was perfect and it was sunny out! Much different than the last race in DC I had where it was rainy. The Cherry Blossoms were out in full bloom and were absolutely gorgeous! You really couldn’t ask for a better race day. The race started and I started with my run 5 walk 1 and felt great through the first 4-5 miles and then my legs really started to hate me because I haven’t been training and until yesterday had only run max 3 miles. So I’m proud of

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

myself for running the race and I definitely finished. I would have been under my goal of 2 hours had the race been a full 10 miles. There was some police activity between miles 4-6 so they had to reroute us and so the race was actually 9.5 miles. But we still got to see lots of the Cherry Blossom trees around Haines Point and so that was good. It really was beautiful. I had to stop and take some pictures because they were just so gorgeous and we got lucky to race when they were out like they were. I got home yesterday and was so sore. I was able to stretch in the shower and I was so sad when I realized I left my foam roller at work. 😦 I did what I could with my stick after the race and even worked my feet out since they were hurting a little bit. So it was nice to get out and run. I just need to put more songs on my playlist so I’m not listening to it 2 or more times over for my longer runs. Any suggestions are welcome!

Obligatory Selfie with the Trees

Obligatory Selfie with the Trees

Today is a rest day from running, I still have my PiYo to do and get back on track on, so tonight will be more meal prepping and getting ready for the rest of the week. Week 2 of 30 is going to be good. I have another 1.5/3/1.5/3.5 miles to do this week. I think M is joining me for my 3.5 mile run this coming Saturday. It’ll be good to get out and I hope it doesn’t rain. Tomorrow’s 1.5 mile run will be done inside 😦 since it’s suppose to rain. GAH! I may do it on the elliptical depending on how sore I am after the 10 Miler. The elliptical is the same thing right? Just no impact πŸ˜‰ HAHA At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

I hope you all have a great start to your week!

Cheers! 😎

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