Day 1! NYC Marathon Training!

Well I made it the 1.5 miles and actually went 1.65 miles! Go me! I started the run out really rough and huffing and puffing and the doubt started to creep in about how I didn’t know how I was going to make it the next 29 weeks. I know, I know, when my mind goes…it really goes off the deep end. Haha. Luckily I had one of my running buddies with me and we were able to talk, well me struggling to talk and he talk like our run was nothing but a walk. OK….So I’m not cut out for this (right now) and thank goodness I’m starting out with these measly miles before it really kicks off.

I did wear my sparkle skirt and visor this morning. I was laying in bed willing myself to go back to sleep and that I’d do the run after work or at lunch instead. But glad that I got up and run this morning instead because chances are I wouldn’t have done it later. With it being the first day of marathon training, I had to do something to kick it off. So sparkle it was. It definitely made me smile and I hope that others don’t think I’m too crazy wearing my sparkle skirts during my training runs. Sometimes you just need that little extra magic that the sparkle gives you.

So I made it the 1.65 miles and then came back to my office where I was able to use my foam roller and stretch, and don’t worry I am lucky there are showers too! I am desperately trying to get better about those 2 things this time around and hope that they will help me recover and remain injury free. I also did a 30 second plank so that I could strengthen my core and back to help with everything else. And all I could think about was the song by Ludacris “Rollout“. Haha. The things we end up remembering. Anyways, I was able to start today off on the right foot. I hope to do some PiYo tonight and then keep the running trend going tomorrow. It feels good to get back on a schedule, but I always hate the first few weeks getting back on that schedule.

I hope everyone has a great day today! Get outside and enjoy these nice weather days too! 🏃💨

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