Yay for Long Weekends!

I had a long weekend, but not as long as some people I know. I was off work on Friday for my other job and was on a pool deck for a few hours. My kids swam great and I couldn’t have asked for better results. I’m proud of these kids. They have worked hard and we have one more meet to compete before the end of the season.

The end of the swim season also means that I can get my training back on track and start really running again. I try not to sign up for any races in the early spring, like March time frame because my time is so limited when I’m coaching. Anyways, I’m excited to get back on track and start running again (even though it’s a love hate relationship) and working towards my goals. I am hoping to hear by the end of February if I made it into the NYC Marathon. And if I did, great, if not that’s ok too.

I ran the For the Love of it 10k in Reston this past Saturday. I did great considering I had the lingering plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. I erred on the side of caution running .5 and walking .25 for most of the race. I tried to keep everything going and wanted to make sure I could finish and not be near tears like I was the previous week. I am proud of myself for getting through it. I did hit a wall, or at least what I felt like a wall, around mile 5 and so my first half marathon that is coming up in 25 days (YIKES) is starting to freak me out. I’ll be able to finish but I’ll still want to do well. I’m hoping that between now and then I’ll be able to get some more miles under my belt and still do well. I know that I’ll be able to finish…the question is how long will it take me. It shouldn’t be too bad. Fingers crossed.

With Monday being a federal Holiday it was nice to just relax and enjoy it. And we got snow last night which was a welcome with as cold as it is, I want snow. But I still had to come to work today, so no snow day for me. I’m contemplating signing up for another race that’s in the next few weeks before my March half marathons. Kind of keep the training going and if I can do 10 miles, then I know I won’t have a problem with 13.1 right? And who wouldn’t want to earn another medal anyways?

What did you do this weekend? Any accomplishments?

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