Weekend Festivities

Wow…what a weekend it was. Saturday morning was spent picking up packets for my 5k on Sunday that I was running with my sister. Then to come home and start my 13.1 mile run for a virtual race by noon so that I would meet up with my friend who was joining me at mile 4.5ish for 5 miles of my 13.1 mile fun. I knew there was something wrong the moment I started my run. My feet were feeling funny and not in a good way. I also knew that without having really been training for anything of significant distance, I wanted to take it easier. So I started on my journey of walking 1/2 mile and running 1/2 mile. My feet really hurt, but I knew I needed to get this run completed and it was going to happen whether I liked it or not. So I met up with my friend M, who is running Disney Princess Half in 2 weeks. (I’m super jealous! That was my first ever race so it will always hold a special place in my heart). We were running out our local trail and came upon this gentleman who decided to run with us for 1.5 miles or so. He’s training for an ultra marathon, 50k, and was out there by himself. Major props there! I could’t do that. It’s hard enough for me to get out there when I’m training for a half or full. So it was nice to have the company and distraction. My feet were feeling ok as M and I approached our turn around point and our running friend kept on going. I stopped to get a gel in me and that was the beginning of the end.  My feet were in so much pain from that point on it wasn’t even funny. I was able to continue my 1/2 mile run/walk through the end of the 5 miles with M and 9 almost 10 miles for me. Just a little bit more to go and then I can rest. Well I was able to get to the local 7-11 since it was huge Powerball potential winnings. But that was even torture standing in line waiting. It was around 10.5 miles at that point and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run the 3 miles back to my place. I was thinking of everything, somehow getting to my Mom’s house and she can take me back or just find a way deep down to make it and not break down on my way back to my place knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get back up and walk if I stopped.

So I kept trudging along. I got to mile 11 trying to figure out how far it was going to be for me to make it back to my place. I was going to come up short by just over 1/2 mile. I was taking some side streets on my way back so that I wouldn’t have to circle my building as many times and by this point it was all I could do to keep it together and not break out in some embarrassing crying action. Luckily I had some great support coming in over my phone via texts and I couldn’t be luckier and yes I did get some tears in my eyes when I was reading the texts because someone saw in me what I didn’t see in myself at that moment. I knew I was crazy to think that this 13.1 was a good idea. And I did finish. It wasn’t pretty as I crawled into my condo that was 3 flights up and tried to get my shoes off. I couldn’t put any pressure on my feet so it was tough to make it to the shower to just sit in there. SAD I know! So I’ve been using my frozen water bottle to help with the pain and rubbing it out as well as icing them.

Sunday, wasn’t so bad. I had a 5k to complete and didn’t know if I would able to run after my horrible 13.1 the day before. But I was feeling ok, So I did run and finish with not my best time but I did finish. So that was a good thing. My sister did amazing as well and we had the best parking spot right at the finish line. So it was easy to just jump in the car and wait a bit for most of the participants to get off the course so we could leave.  I ran more than I probably should have but that’s ok. I will keep on streaking this week with some low mileage before I have my 10k on this coming Saturday. I’m looking forward to the 10k, it will be slow but I’ll be good as long as I can get my feet in order. HAHA

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

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