Do you ever…

Sparkle Skirts

The beginnings of my sparkle skirt collection

Do you ever have those moments where you just don’t want to do something but know it’s for the best that you do that? Well that was me last night going to the gym for my run on the dreadmill. I have been such a slacker since late September and need to get back on track. I have been dealing with some injuries and I know that rest and listening to my good friend helps, but I miss my cardio and I know what I need to do to get it back. I mean I’m huffing and puffing going up the stairs to my condo. It’s a wake up call and so NOT COOL!

Well I put on some sparkle, my turquoise sparkle skirt and gunmetal gray visor from Sparkle Athletic, and went to the gym.  Yeah, I knew I would get the looks like “OMGsh what is she wearing.” and the “Is she really wearing that?” look. But, I needed the extra oomph to get through my dreaded run. And you know what…it worked! I was able to knock a few minutes off my overall time since I just started running again. I did something a little different on the treadmill. Walked .25, ran at 6.0mph for .25, 6.3mph for .25, 6.6 mph for .25, 7.0mph for .25. I know, for someone that dreaded going to the gym last night (and it was packed) I didn’t do to bad for the first mile and it flew by rather quickly. I did the same concept for the next 2 miles but started my run at a faster pace after the .25 of walking to get my legs back. Long story short my last .25 ended at a 8.0. SHOCKED FACE! I totally rocked my run last night. Giddy lady right here. Some of my confidence has been restored with my running, and now I just have to translate it to running outside again. Hopefully once this snow passes and it gets a tad bit warmer, there won’t be a problem.

I did even coach in my sparkle skirt on the pool deck last night. Had to bring some sparkle there too! The kids loved it!Today, I’m taking a day off and just getting some stretches in, but hope to be back in the gym tomorrow as long as my mind doesn’t get the best of me. And yes I will be having that glass of wine tonight to salute my run from yesterday! Cheers!

Happy Wednesday!

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